Before and During Treatment

Why should I choose Malaysia over other destinations?

When it comes to healthcare, Malaysia is known to have some of the most qualified doctors and medical practitioners in the world. This may be partly attributed to Malaysia’s cultural emphasis on education. As a result most doctors and physicians go on to super-specialize in their fields, enabling them to become experts in the domain. The hospitals that Sehat Oman has tied up with are leading hospitals in Malaysia with multi-specialty facilities.
Once you have made a selection about which hospital(s) you would like to seek treatment, send them an email using the ID provided in the Sehat Oman portal. Alternately, speak to a staff at the ‘International Patients Division’ (if available) of the hospital. A member of staff at the hospital will then get in touch with you to collect further details about your health, the condition for which you’re seeking treatment and possible treatment options. Of course, the procedure will differ from hospital to hospital and will also depend on your current medical condition. The hospital will guide you fully on the requirements thereon after consulting their specialist doctor. *Note: All contact details are available and may be taken from the Sehat Oman portal. Alternatively, you can follow the link to the respective hospital website.
Given the gamut of medical and surgical options available for medical tourists in Malaysia, it is difficult to list down everything. However, according to latest reports, medical tourists usually opt for elective procedures such as cosmetic surgery, hip and knee replacements, dental procedures, infertility treatments, Cancer treatment, heart problems, etc.
One of the biggest advantages of opting for medical treatment in Malaysia is that there is no waiting period for diagnostic procedures or to avail treatment. The concept of healthcare and treatment becomes redundant if there’s a prolonged time lapse between diagnosis and treatment. Hence, after the initial diagnosis is done and the medical procedure decided upon, the surgery/intervention will be scheduled quickly. Unlike in some countries, where even diagnostic procedures take weeks and months, in Malaysia, certain medical procedure can be completed in a matter of days - without, of course, any compromise in the quality of delivered intervention.
In some cases, on prior intimation, hospital are likely to suggest options for stay or even arrange for accommodation. Kindly verify the same with the hospital before your visit. Sehat Oman also lists multiple hotels/accommodation options across cities in Malaysia. These accommodation options are within vicinities of leading hospitals in the cities.
Most private hospitals in Malaysia are designed to provide world-class medical care and services. These hospitals are equipped with some of the best equipment which meet even the most rigorous international standards. Patient safety and comfort is of utmost priority and all medical protocols are strictly adhered to, to ensure patient safety and comfort and minimal medical complications. We have carefully curated our list and selected only those hospitals that meet very high international standards to be a part of our network.
Kindly contact the concerned hospital directly to inquire if this is possible.
Mostly hospitals in Malaysia have a standard protocol for medical tourists and a separate cell that will facilitate the scheduling of appointments and consultations with the doctor. We therefore advise you to talk to the hospital before making any travel plans.
Yes. Most hospitals in Malaysia do have a pharmacy within its premises for easy accessibility. If not, hospital staff will guide you to the nearest available one.
The standard categories are:
  • Single accommodation units
    •   Suite Room
    •  Deluxe Rooms
    • Normal single room
  • Multiple sharing units
    • Twin sharing
    • Triple sharing
    • Ward type
English is widely spoken across Malaysia. However, if a patient requires assistance with another language, then an interpreter can be arranged on request. Some of the leading hospitals also employ full-time in-house interpreters for international patients. We would advise you to inform the hospital in advance in case an interpreter is required.
Leading hospitals across Malaysia have designated quiet rooms/prayer halls. Alternatively, hospital staff will be able to guide you to the closest place of worship.
Yes. All major hospitals provide international cuisine for their patients and their families. While some menus are standard for patients with certain medical conditions, variations and choices are always available upon request. Please check the hospital description provided in the Sehat Oman portal and on the hospital website to see your options. Doctors might also advise on the kind of diet based on your therapeutic needs. In case you have any special dietary requirements, intimate the hospital prior to your travel and they hospital will cater to it. For patients’ families and visitors, there are special catering units as well.
For alternative medicine like Ayurveda, patients are required to adhere to the dietary guidance of doctors. This is to ensure that the treatment will have the best possible impact and ensure a speedy recovery. At such treatment centres, international cuisine is usually not provided.
Certain Hospitals provide the following
  • Laundry services
  • Local sightseeing
  • In-house business centre
  • Safety locker facility
  • Gymnasium
  • Shopping assistance
Some hospitals provide:
1. Laundry and ironing services
2. Picnic in local places
3. Indoor business center
4. Closet for the preservation of valuables and money
5. Gymnasium
6. Help shopping service

Post Treatment

Your consulting doctor in Malaysia will give you a tentative date for travel after thoroughly assessing your recovery cycle.
Discharge is handled by respective hospital staff. At the time of discharge, a ‘Discharge Summary’ will be handed out and all financials and dues are to be settled with the hospital at the time. If required, you will be provided with a detailed post-treatment chart with medication and recommendations for scheduling follow-ups with the doctor.
You can keep in touch with the respective doctor via email/phone. Certain hospitals have the option of video-conferencing with patients offshore.