9: What can I expect to be included/excluded in the cost?

This slightly varies from hospital to hospital. However, hospitals will provide a detailed list for your perusal.


Usual inclusions are:


  • Rooms and beds
  • Diet – for patient and bystander
  • Surgeon and anesthetist’s fee
  • Nursing
  • Doctor’s / specialist consultation and fee
  • Fee for surgery, theatre room
  • Consumables used for surgery (sutures, tubes etc.)Usual exclusions are:
  • Implants and special consumables
  • If the medical procedure requires implants or special consumables, the doctors or staff will intimate you. Costs for implants depend on the size, type, and material. You will be provided with a range of options for implants depending on you health and body condition. Based on the physician’s recommendations and your budgetary plans, you can make the selection.
  • Cost of stay beyond the prescribed time in the hospital, is likely to be linked to your recovery rates and maybe charged additionally.
  • Special tests, medications and high value drugs will be charged extra.