Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC)

MHTC Concierge

The MHTC concierge is a one-stop medical center which offers travelers easy access to all information needed for a comfortable stay in Malaysia. The MHTC concierge has an information desk at Kuala Lumpur

International Airport (KLIA Arrival Hall Gate 5) where you can go to for:

  • Answers to medical questions
  • Providing information about health care in Malaysia
  • Facilitating information on transportation, accommodation and travel in Malaysia

The MHTC concierge is integrated with the MHTC Care Line (tel: +603 272 68 688) which is available from Monday to Friday (between 9am-6pm) for medical questions about traveling through Malaysia. Their team of specialists can provide information about treatment centers, certified physicians, available treatments, accommodation and all other questions related to medical tourism and general travel.

MHTC lounge

The international airport of Kuala Lumpur is also home to the MHTC Lounge (KLIA Arrival Hall Gate 8). Medical tourists can come here to take a break after a long flight. Here you can also wait for your direct transfer to the healthcare facility.