Cost FAQ

Do major medical insurance companies cover treatment procedures?

Medical insurance can be claimed, and some hospitals even have special tie-ups with certain insurance companies. But kindly check with the respective hospital if this facility is accepted and may be availed.
Hospitals across Malaysia accept all major modes of payments: Cash, International Master or Visa Credit Cards, Travelers cheques etc. Kindly liaise with the hospital to know more.
Cost of treatments vary depending on the medical condition, type of treatment required, whether you are an inpatient or outpatient candidate, etc. If you’re an inpatient, hospitals will also provide the types of rooms available, details of accommodation packages, etc. after which you are expected to make a selection. It is advised that you take a tour of the accommodation facilities before making a selection. Prior to everything, hospitals will provide an estimate. Please make sure you speak to the staff at the hospital and acquire all relevant information beforehand. Your entire medical history and treatment details are analysed by a team of experts in the hospitals. Some hospitals even provide patient care coordinators, especially for international patients, to liaise with the hospital.
While the cost for each individual is bound to vary depending on the aforementioned factors, there is no denying that the potential cost savings for medical tourists in Malaysia are enormous. For instance, an elective procedure in the US like a knee replacement surgery would cost the patient upwards of $30,000. However, opting for the same in Malaysia (using similar quality parts), would cost the patient 40-60% less. This including hospital stay, consultation fee, actual fee of the procedure, and transportation costs to and from Malaysia. Likewise when compared to the UK, the cost in performing the procedure would amount up to 40-60% less - and without any waiting time. This is primarily as a result of favourable currency exchange rates.
Absolutely not. Malaysian healthcare standards match up to, if not go beyond in certain cases, the highly prescribed international standards. The costs are lower only due to favorable currency conversion rates and lower costs of operations.
Potential Advertising is not a medical provider and cannot accept payments for your medical expenses. You will be required to make payments as per hospital policy. Usually, inpatient candidates are required to pay a deposit prior to undergoing any diagnostic tests and/or procedures. A final bill will be presented to you prior to discharge from the hospital and dues are settled then.
If you have health insurance which is internationally valid and/or valid in Malaysia, please notify the hospital about it. In some cases, if your insurance company falls under the list as an approved insurance provider, the hospital might request you to get an advance payment guarantee. This will have to be obtained from the insurance company in your home country.
This slightly varies from hospital to hospital. However, hospitals will provide a detailed list for your perusal.   Usual inclusions are:  
  • Rooms and beds
  • Diet – for patient and bystander
  • Surgeon and anesthetist’s fee
  • Nursing
  • Doctor’s / specialist consultation and fee
  • Fee for surgery, theatre room
  • Consumables used for surgery (sutures, tubes etc.)Usual exclusions are:
  • Implants and special consumables
  • If the medical procedure requires implants or special consumables, the doctors or staff will intimate you. Costs for implants depend on the size, type, and material. You will be provided with a range of options for implants depending on you health and body condition. Based on the physician's recommendations and your budgetary plans, you can make the selection.
  • Cost of stay beyond the prescribed time in the hospital, is likely to be linked to your recovery rates and maybe charged additionally.
  • Special tests, medications and high value drugs will be charged extra.
Hospitals will provide you with all the details very clearly
Cost usually includes:,

a. Accommodation and bed
B. Diet - for the patient and the resident
C. Doctor fees for surgery and anesthesia Dr.Nurses cost
T. Doctors fees / specialist consultations
S. Surgery fees and surgery room
s. Materials used for surgery (stitches, tubes, etc.)


Organ transplantation and special consumables are optional. If medical procedures are needed to grow members or special consumption items, doctors and staff will keep you informed. Agriculture and consumables vary by size, species, materials used and cost options. Depending on what suits your physical condition, a range of options will be arranged. So that you can choose from among the highest quality brands and / or options offered according to cost-effectiveness and expert suggestions. Staying more than scheduled time in hospital, depending on the healing process and requiring payment Extra charge. Special medical examinations, special medicines and high quality drugs also require additional fees.